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Hello World! Mosaic Data And Analytics

This is our first blog post hoping to spread the word on why data is so important and many times overlooked.

Our beginnings

We started as management consultants and in the last 10 years have worked in more than 60 projects. After 10 years we have seen how technology has evolved and business stayed doing "business as usual", this includes using legacy ERPs and hundreds of Excel files to report, analyze and share data.

Every project was the same:

  • Understand the problem

  • Analyze data and current business process

  • Propose a solution

  • Implement new process

  • Accompany new process with KPIs

Calling a client 3 months after ending the project to see how they are doing and getting the following response was common:

The excel file with KPIs crashed one week after you left, no one knew how to fix it so we stopped using it

Thousands of dollars, hundreds of man-hours spent creating and implementing a solution that could lead them to increase sales, decrease inventory, decrease response time and many other expected benefits down the drain.

A New Perspective

We embrace change, we stay updated with latest technological trends and we build scalable solutions for our clients. We are here to give a new spin to legacy consulting and bring innovation to every solution we implement.

We believe in building trust and enabling long term success.

Analytics As A Service

Analytical work is usually assigned to junior members of a team, this is the first mistake. Moving from a traditional analytics persona to a whole in-house data team requires a big investment with at least 5 full time employees dedicated to building the data infrastructure, data models and dashboards.

This is where working with a firm of Analytics As A Service makes sense.

Mosaic Data And Analytics works with business owners to cover all functions of a mature and experienced data team at a fraction of the cost.

  • Technical Product Owners

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Business Intelligence Developer

  • Analytics Engineer

  • Data Engineer

Why at a fraction of the cost?

Each team member has a specific set of tools needed to design, develop and implement a modern data stack. We only assign resources needed for each activity creating big savings.

Understanding each role:

  • Technical Product Owner: Connects with the business to understand, define and implement dashboards. Translates a business need into a technical requirement.

  • Subject Matter Experts: We provide years of experience in supply chain planning KPIs.

  • Business Intelligence Developer: Connect to data and create reports and dashboards.

  • Analytics Engineer: Creates data models and a single source of truth, connects data between multiple source to create analyses and metrics.

  • Data Engineer: brings data from multiple source into a single database. Automates data pipelines and makes sure the process runs on a schedule.

Technology Can Make A Difference

Some of the technology we use to build a modern data stack:

  • Cloud data warehouse: Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud

  • Data Extraction: AWS, FiveTran, Matillion, Python

  • Data transformation: dbt (Data Build Tool)

  • Business Intelligence: Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Quicksight

We are proud to be a dbt partner to develop data models, metrics and analyses

Start your data journey! Feel free to contact us or fill the data maturity test.

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